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What sets Men Cleaning apart from other cleaners? It is the attention to detail combined with personalized individual service. Most cleaning companies enter your home with a checklist and when everything on the checklist is finished they are done. Period. The problem with that approach is that it doesn't leave room for individual home differences or your preferences for specific services.

My work is tailored specifically to each clients needs. So if you are looking to have detail polishing done on some fine wood furniture or silver polished that's not a problem. The most common 'special' requests I receive are laundering sheets or watering plants. Feel free to request any special cleaning task that you may desire.

The attention to the little details is important. When was the last time your cleaner dusted the top of door ledges and picture frames? How about actually moving the fridge to clean under it? Do they even know how to remove the scuff marks off the walls made by shoes and other objects? I take great pride in the detail and quality of work I provide and will ensure that your entire home never looked better. About the only indoor cleaning service I don't offer is professional carpet cleaning since that requires specialized equipment.

I arrive at your home with all cleaning materials I need to give your home the attention you deserve with the exception of a vaccum cleaner: if you have carpeting I will need to use your vaccum. You likely won't recognize most of my cleaning products as I use commercial grade cleaning solutions. They have been selected for a combination of three factors:
      Ability to provide effective cleaning.
      Safety in not causing damage to your furnishings.
      Minimal environmental impact.

Nobody will give you better quality, service, or attention to detail.

Phone: 604~837~6380
358-1027 Davie St - Vancouver - V6E 4L2